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UPDATE and wish list of audio visual and kitchen equipment

Capital Campaign Update

Please take a moment to read the latest update  on where we currently stand with our capital campaign.  We are $1.7 million away from the pledges needed to meet our campaign building goal.  We can easily reach that with everyone’s commitment.  Every pledge, no matter the amount helps! 

Beam Signing and Tour the Construction Site

Saint William is providing building site tours and opportunities to sign a beam on the buillding on December 5-6, 2015. Parishioners and guests will be invited to inscribe messages on the interior beams of the building

Concrete Pour!

We had an exciting Tuesday night/Wednesday morning!  

At exactly 12:01am, the first concrete truck drove onto the Saint William property.  The truck headed to the job site and there it backed up into its spot so that it could feed the concrete placing boom.  That thing has a reach of 58 meters!


Things are continuing to move quickly around here.  Have you looked at the timelapse camera lately? We're getting things ready for the slab to be poured!  Stay tuned for more information about that in the coming week.  

Tap! Tap! TAP!

There is a contest going on in the office as to who is having to endure the loudest tapping coming from the construction site.  If you ask me, we're all suffering equally, but what a great reason to be suffering.  Progress is happening!