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Punching and Pouring!

We have begun meeting with the contractor every week.  This is a sign that things are moving full speed ahead!  Every week Chasco (our awesome contractor), Jackson Galloway (our awesome architect), and Saint William meet to discuss what has happened in the past week and what is happening and will be happening in the next week.  It's a great process and relies heavily on good communication.  

Ground has TRULY been broken!

How many of you all remember this beautiful (and cool) day in March?

And how many of you all have seen this?

What a difference a few months, a few building permits, and a lot of prayers make!!

To keep up to date with the project, please visit:

Capital Campaign Update - Website

July 11, 2014 - The capital campaign website is up and running for all to become more informed. You may view the capital campaign video and take a virtual walk through our yet to be constructed parish activity center.  Please take a few moments to visit the site and share in the excitement of our capital campaign.

Campaign Update - $2.95 Million Raised, Home Visits Beginning Soon

June 8, 2014 - As a parish family, communication is important and we want to make sure that all are informed about our capital campaign and our progress. As of today, over $2.95 million dollars has been raised! (applause) Thank you for your generosity…..but we’re not done yet!

Campaign Update - $2.7 Million Raised, Second Wave Begins, Prayer Warriors Needed

June 1, 2014 - This weekend kicks off wave 2 of the capital campaign. More than 850 households are included in this wave which means they'll be receiving a letter from Fr. Dean with a packet of information on the campaign.


Please continue to pray for the efforts of this campaign, that God may continue to bless it and guide it. To sign up to be a prayer warrior, please visit the online registration page.