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Campaign Update - $2.95 Million Raised, Home Visits Beginning Soon

June 8, 2014 - As a parish family, communication is important and we want to make sure that all are informed about our capital campaign and our progress.

  1. As of today, over $2.95 million dollars has been raised! Thank you for your generosity…..but we’re not done yet!
  2. Over 850 of you should have received the campaign packet this week. In the next several weeks you too will receive a call from a fellow parishioner asking to meet with you about the campaign.
  3. These are the ambassadors of Fr. Dean and since he cannot make ALL the house calls, our ambassadors are excited to help him meet with our parish family. They are working hard, please be nice to them.
  4. Some of you have been receiving calls from volunteers for several weeks. Please return their calls and meet with the volunteer calling.
  5. Please continue to pray on behalf of the campaign and discern what you may be capable of giving to this important project here at Saint William. 

Thank you for all that you do here at Saint William! We are blessed to have you in our parish family!