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Concrete Pour!

We had an exciting Tuesday night/Wednesday morning!  

At exactly 12:01am, the first concrete truck drove onto the Saint William property.  The truck headed to the job site and there it backed up into its spot so that it could feed the concrete placing boom.  That thing has a reach of 58 meters!

And so it went from 12:01am to about 11am....95 trucks coming in and out of Saint William to fill the site.  

This was taken at 4:22am when the crew was about halfway across the building site.  Notice how glassy and smooth it looks.

The work crews were not alone!  They were met by Saint William staff and parishioners all throughout the night.  These were the brave souls that were there to begin the night!

We had parishioners who helped staff cook breakfast and lunch for the crew.  We had a parishioner show up with their video camera so that he could record this great moment.  He told us he had video footage of every concrete pour on campus!

At around this time...Be A Man, Saint William's Men's group, was greeted by this beautiful sky. The crowd of men looked through the fence and cheered!  One even commented that the sky looked like one of the pictures in the church narthex when the property was dedicated over 6 years ago.  It was great to see such excitement from our parishioners!

And by the end of the day, we had this:

Another great milestone in our Maintenance to Mission Capital Campaign!