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Feasibility Study Begins - Please Share Your Thoughts

January 12, 2014 - Beginning this week, the parish is conducting a comprehensive survey of our entire parish family. This feasibility study will enable us to further explain to you our master plan for our Parish Life Center, office renovation, parish debt reduction and to determine potential support for this major fund-raising effort. The study will also provide us with information regarding the goals, identify prospective campaign leaders and establish a realistic campaign goal.

Today, Fr. Dean is asking all to share your thoughts regarding the plan. We are asking everyone to either participate in a brief interview or complete a survey.

After all of this information is compiled by the Steier Group, our development firm, and presented to us, we will make an informed decision on how to proceed. Fr. Dean will make sure to share a summary of the findings with everyone.

Fr. Dean believes that this process is extremely important and encourages all to participate.  Your input is valuable as we plan for the future of our active and dynamic parish.