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Usher and Welcoming Volunteers

One of many beautiful opportunities during a Roman Catholic Mass is to see the congregation participate actively during the Liturgy.


Currently, Saint William seeks to increase volunteer gift bearers and ushers at every Mass.

Offertory Gift Bearer volunteers take the gifts of bread and wine to the altar during Mass. Usually, families are chosen before Mass but all are welcome to participate. This is a simple way families can serve together. Ushers are greeters and caretakers of people during the Mass and are assigned various tasks such as door holders, communion line aids, and bulletin distribution after Mass. Both, Gift Bearers and Ushers contribute to significant parts of the liturgy and your volunteerism is greatly supported by others who serve with you.


If you feel called to serve in hospitality contact Tommy Sustaita at 512-600-8190 or

For interested parishioners, please download your copy of Usher Guidlines provided at the top of this page.