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First Reconciliation & First Holy Eucharist (2nd grade)

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A child who is in second grade and has been baptized in the Catholic Church is eligible for preparation for First Reconciliation and First Holy Eucharist.  Parents are the primary educators and the parents are to prepare their child at home in conjunction with the child attending weekly Religious Education classes or Catholic School.


2nd Grade Sacrament Requirements:
  1. Children must have been enrolled in a Parish Religious Education program or Catholic School for one year prior to their second grade year. (First Grade)
  2. Child must be enrolled in the Parish Religious Education program by October 1 or attending Catholic School.
  3. Proof of Catholic Baptism (Baptismal Certificate) must be turned in to the Education Office at or before the Reconciliation Parent Meeting.
  4. Student must attend weekly classes the entire year.  (Not necessary if attending Catholic School).  If student will be absent, the parent should call the Education Office, report the absence and make arrangements to pick up the lessons that were missed by calling 512-600-8171.


The following applies for RE students and Catholic School students:

  1. Copy of Catholic Baptismal certificate must be turned in to the Education Office.
  2. Attendance is required at 3 meetings in preparing your child to receive Sacraments: 1 Parent Meeting for First Reconciliation, 1 Parent Meeting for First Eucharist, and 1 Meeting for parents and children for First Eucharist. First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion books will be given out at the parent meetings.
  3. There will be a mandatory practice on a Friday evening for those students celebrating 1st Eucharist at the Mass with the large group of students on a Saturday in May.
  4. $35 fee for home-study books (1 book for each sacrament).
Preparation for First Reconciliation and First Eucharist includes:
  1. Weekly attendance in Parish Religious Education class or Catholic School.
  2. Completion of home-study workbooks. Please work through these books together with your child. The preparation they receive in class is supplemental to the preparation they receive at home through example, Mass attendance, and conversations with your child about our faith.
  3. Parents assist child in learning these 7 prayers: Sign of the Cross, Grace before Meals, Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be to the Father, Morning Offering, and Act of Contrition. 
  4. Attendance at meetings mentioned above.