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Matthew Kelly Kicks off 2012 Catholic Speaker Series; Draws Capacity Crowd

February 1, 2012

More than 1,700 Catholics from the Round Rock area and from as far away as McAllen, San Antonio and Waco came together to hear Matthew Kelly speak at Saint William Catholic Church on January 29, 2012.

Saint William Catholic Church hosted an exciting evening with best-selling Catholic author and motivational speaker, Matthew Kelly on January 29, 2012.  The capacity crowd of more than 1,700 Catholics in attendance heard Matthew Kelly take on the hard issues facing Catholics and challenged us to rediscover the relevance of Catholicism to our culture today. His address was entitled “Is Catholicism Still Relevant?” Kelly talked about the seven pillars of Catholic spirituality that encourages parishioners to act purposefully and directs them to a deeper conversation with the Creator of the universe. 

Matthew Kelly was selected as the headliner for the 2012 Catholic Speaker Series at Saint William because of his powerful and dynamic speaking style that touches Catholis of all backgrounds.  

“Brenda & I heard Matthew Kelly on a Lighthouse CD several years ago and were so moved by his talk that we were inspired to grow in faith and return to the Catholic Church,” said Louis Pekar, co-chair of the event planning committee. “We wanted to share that same experience with fellow parishioners and provide them the opportunity to hear one of the most dynamic and powerful speakers of our time, in hope that they too would be motivated to grow spiritually.”

The Mathew Kelly presentation kicked off the 2012 Catholic Speaker Series at Saint William.  The speaker series seeks to evangelize and increase participation of the faithful in the full Christian life of the parish. Other Catholic speakers featured in 2012 include Alan Ames in March and Fr. Francis "Rocky" Hoffmann in April.

“Thank you to the hard work and dedication of our volunteers, event planning committee, and to the event co-chairs, Louis and Brenda Pekar and to Andy Meadows, that made this event possible,” said Father Dean Wilhelm, pastor of St. William Parish.  “It is through their generous gifts of time, talent and treasure that Saint William is able to provide new and exciting programs such as the Catholic Speaker Series that appeal to a wide range of Catholics, regardless of where they are on their spiritual journey.” 

For more information or for complete details, visit the Saint William Catholic Speaker Series page. 

Mathew Kelly Event Planning Committee

Thank you to our wonderful volunteers, event planning committee, and the entire parish staff for their hard work in making the Matthew Kelly event a huge success!