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About the Saint William Logo

This logo was developed by the Pastoral Council and designed by parishioner and graphic artist, Rebecca Martinez. As the logo took shape, the project group recorded the symbolism and purpose that inspired its design.

The Spanish Rose Window shape is consistent with the art work inside and outside the new church, and it symbolizes our parish’s tradition and history. It frames the cross on the altar, and is also a traditional Spanish shape.

The Dome shape reflects our church’s most prominent archi-tectural feature, and one of the main identifiers of the church from around Round Rock. The dome shape provides a strong structural cover for those who seek shelter in the arms of our church, symbolizing God’s protection over His people. Mass is celebrated under the dome, the Word of God is proclaimed, and bread and wine become the body and blood of Christ. On the logo, the dome points to this sacred spot where the heavens and earth meet.

The dome is also symbolic of our parish community in a number of ways. The lines leading to the cross symbolize our parishioners on the road, climbing to the foot of the cross on the hill at Calvary. There are many lines, just as there are many roads and paths to Christ. The lines on the dome also lead away from the cross, symbolizing how we are sent by God from the foot of the cross to ―go forth‖ into the world as His disciples.

The Roman Style Cross is a traditional symbol for Christianity and also part of our church structure, visible from many spots in Round Rock. The cross is featured in the center of the logo because our faith and our parish are centered on the cross. The cross points upward, symboliz-ing our relationship with God; and outward, symbolizing our relationship to the community.

The Rays of Light emanating from the cross represent the presence of God the Creator, the source of constant power and light in our parish, united in presence with the Son. The rays surrounding the dome sig-nify that God the Father is ever-present to, and encompassing our parish community. They also signify that the Creator’s love and light are beyond our capture and understanding, and that our parishioners are being transformed by God to shine His light in the community around us.

The Dove represents the Holy Spirit and completes the symbolism of the Trinity in the logo. The dove is positioned in the rays, above the cross, signifying that the Holy Spirit is ever-present with the Father and the Son, and ever present with our parish community. The position of the dove raises our attention upward, drawing our eyes into the light where we can come to see and know the Father and the Son. The dove represents the Holy Spirit continually guiding us on our path to Christ on the cross, and on our roads of discipleship into the community around us.