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Saint William Children’s Choir Debuts at the Mass of the Children Sacred Music Concert

Pictured: Members of the Saint William Children’s Choir perform at the “Mass of the Children” sacred music concert on Mother’s Day weekend.


May 17, 2012 - The Saint William Children’s Choir Debuts at the Mass of the Children Sacred Music Concert.  Mom’s, families, and listeners of beautiful sacred music came to the very well attended Mother’s Day weekend concert on May 12 at Saint William.  More than 600 people were in attendance.

The concert featured the Saint William Children’s Choir, making their concert debut, with a performance of John Rutter’s most treasured work, “Mass of the Children,” and accompanied by adult choir members and orchestra.

Months of preparations and practice went into the production of this beautiful concert.  The concert was a family affair at Saint William with families participating in both the children’s choir and the adult choir.  “I can't begin to describe the emotions I felt being on stage performing with my two sons, Nathan and David,” commented David Squires, member of the Adult Choir. “It was truly a beautiful family affair, and I'm so grateful to have been a part of it.”

Preparations started more than six months prior to the concert with the children participating in smaller engagements, each event longer than the next, so that they could fine tune their presentation and become accustomed to larger and larger audiences.  Engagements leading up to the children’s choir debut included the 2012 Spring Fiesta, Christ Child Society Evening for the Ladies, and more.


Top Right Picture: Children’s Choir pose for a quick picture after their intermission break, during one of their practices.

Bottom Right Picture: Ben Balleza, Assistant Director of Music Ministries, (far left) making adjustments to the arrangement of the choir during the full-dress-rehearsal on Friday before the concert. All choirs, musicians, soloists were in attendance and performed the entire concert during their rehearsal.


Join the Children’s Choir at Saint William!  Registration is now open. Contact Ben Balleza at 512-600-8182 or email Complete details and concert dates are available at the Children's Choir page or visit the Sacred Music Concert Series