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The History behind the Sacred Heart Statue

November 29,2012

1. The Sacred Heart outdoor statue was originally all white and stood along McNeil Road at the entry way of the original Saint William Catholic Church from the 1940’s. 

2. In 1975, the statue was moved in front of the 2nd Saint William Church as depicted in the photo. 

3. In 1981, when construction started on the 3rd Saint William Church, the statue was placed to the right of the original church structure which became the religious education building.  In 1988, after Father Louis Pavlicek became pastor, a parishioner offered to paint the white statue.  Shortly after it was
painted, a simple structure was built to protect the statue.  When Fr. Joel McNeil became pastor, he enlarged the structure so that it could also serve as a prayer area for parishioners.  The prayer area would often be decorated by parishioners who offered flowers and candles.  However, when the Saint William Parish campus was sold, so that a larger church could be built, the statue was removed and stored. 

4. In August of 2012, the statue was brought out from storage and placed in its present location on the parish grounds of the 4th Saint William Catholic Church.  It is now displayed in front of the Sacred Heart Chapel, a replica (pictured below) of the original 1940’s Saint William Church.  

Pictured:  Top—The statue of the Sacred Heart is visible in the foreground, displayed in front of the second Saint William church from the 1970’s.
[Archival Photo: Courtesy of Janie Castillo and Ann Bierschenk]

Middle two—Close up photo of the Sacred Heart statue, painted and newly displayed in front of the Sacred Heart Chapel at Saint William. [Photo: Courtesy of Patti Goertz]

Bottom Picture: The Sacred Heart Chapel at Saint William is a replica of the original Saint William church from the 1940’s.