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Ethics & Integrity in Ministry Workshop Information



Parents: Click here for information on Called to Protect for Youth (grades 6 & 12) and Called to Protect for Children (grades K-5th).


Upcoming Workshops at Saint William and surrounding parishes

Ethics and Integrity in Ministry - (Adults)

Our diocesan policy, Ethics and Integrity in Ministry (EIM), is rooted in the Catholic understanding that each individual must be respected and honored. Jesus had a deep, abiding respect for each human being and would not harm or mislead anyone in his or her personal or spiritual life. We, the church, must attempt to do likewise. Our policies cover four areas of possible harm: immoral conduct, exploitation, harassment and abuse.

Anyone, volunteers, paid staff, religious or clergy, involved in a ministry with minors (those under the age of 18) or vulnerable adults (those who are uniquely vulnerable to abuse because of physical or mental disabilities) are required to follow the volunteer orientation proceedure:

1. New to volunteering please call Tommy Sustaita, Volunteer Coordinator to schedule a volunteer discernment, determine Ethics and Integrity in Ministry (EIM) status, and register for a EIM workshop.     

2. Existing and returning volunteers please confirm your EIM status through the Austin Diocese website or the volunteer coordinator’s office at (512) 600-8190.

3. Attend a EIM Basic or a EIM Refresher Workshop.


How to Check your Workshop Date or make updates to your application:

  1. To review your application and find out your latest workshop date, go to the EAppsDB Database.  If you do not remember your login, use the Alternate Login link. 
  2. Once logged in to your application, hover your mouse over "Workshop Dates" to see your most recent attendance date. If there is no date, then you must take a full three-hour workshop. If your last worklshop was more than three years ago, then you can either take a full three-hour workshop or a 1.5 hour refresher course. Please note that the 1 hour Refresher Workshop is offered only for persons who have attended a previous EIM workshop AND that data is already recorded on your eApps application.
  3. Click on the application sections listed to the right to update your personal information. Be sure to include any changes of address, phone number, email address and employment. 
  4. If you need to renew your workshop you may attend one of the 1 hour Refresher Workshop workshops listed on the Diocese of Austin EIM website.

It is our top priority to keep children safe from all harm while in our care. In Texas, each person is a mandated reporter of abuse or neglect, which means that if you (or our staff) suspect a child is being abused or neglected, you are required by law to report it. The Child Abuse Hotline number is 1-800-252-5400. In addition, if at any time you see something that appears suspicious, makes you uncomfortable, or violates policy, please bring it to the attention of the Faith Formation Office, Fr. Dean, or directly to the office of the Bishop at 512-949-2400. You may also download, complete, and submit a Confidential Note of Concern Form.

For more infromation on Ethics and Integrity in Ministry, please see the Diocese of Austin web page

To report an incident of concern, please visit the following Diocesan web page