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Anchored Retreat - October 12-14

Registration is now open!  Spots will fill on a first come, first served basis.

All release forms must be turned in with payment. Payment may only be cash or check (please make checks payable to Saint William). 
Partial scholarships are available for those in need. Please contact Gwen about scholarship requests (scholarship requests must be received by Sun, Sept. 30).


Release form and full payment is due by Sunday, September 30 to guarantee a t-shirt.
     Late registrations are due by Wednesday, October 3 with a $10 late fee.
          *No registrations will be accepted after October 3.


Departure and Return

All retreatants should meet at Saint William on Friday, October 12 at 5:30 p.m.

  • NOTE: Participants should already have eaten dinner or bring a sack dinner with them.

We will return to Saint William's on Sunday around 2:15 p.m.


  • *Modest clothes (an extra outfit that can get MESSY), close toed shoes
  • Toiletries, towel, twin bedding/sleeping bag, pillow
  • Waterbottle and a snack to share that's individually packaged (granola bars, singles bags of chips/cookies, etc.)f
  • Bible, journal, and an open heart


Short running shorts (like Nike shorts, etc.), tight pants (leggings, tight jeans, etc.), mp3 players, cell phones, electronics, video games, * immodest or offensive clothing, a bad attitude, or anything that will be a distraction or could get broken.


All those participating in Triumph Youth Ministry should come in attire that is appropriate for and respective of themselves, the program, and others. Inappropriate attire can be defined for both genders as t-shirts and tops that are not sleeveless (no spaghetti-straps or strapless), tops that do not have plunging neck/back lines, do not show mid-drift and do not bear any profane, abusive or offensive language/slogans. Pants or shorts should not hang below the waist, and shorts should not be more than 2 inches above the knee (this includes work-out and running shorts). Shirts, pants and shorts should also be in good condition and not full of holes. Please make sure that your child is wearing closed-toe shoes on retreats. We will ask your child to change his/her clothing if deemed necessary, and will call you if your child does not have correct attire to change into.

The parent is responsible for enforcing that their youth packs clothes in line with the modesty policy and will be called to bring clothes or pick up their youth if the clothes are not in line with the policy.


  • Who can attend?
    • All Middle School youth are welcome to attend.
  • Can we invite a friend from another church or another faith?
    • Yes, this is a Catholic youth retreat and friends in middle school are welcome to join this amazing weekend.
  • My youth doesn't want to go becuase they don't know anyone.  What do you recommend?
    • Many youth arrive Friday feeling as though they don't know anyone else. That's why we intentionally focus on building community and fellowship during the retreat.  By the time Sunday rolls around, the youth don't want to leave all of their new friends.  At last years retreat, we had to start kicking people out of the retreat center because they wanted to stay and hang out with their friends instead of going back home. We strongly encourage all youth to attend!
  • My youth has never spent the night away from home.  I'm not sure if I'm comfortable with them attending.
    • For many youth, this is their first time spending the night away from their parents. Please contact Gwen about any concerns you may have.  She is happy to make various accomodations and walk through the details of the weekend with you to make you feel more comfortable.  Many parents choose to volunteer as drivers on Friday and Sunday so that they can see the Eagle's Wings Retreat Center campus and are more comfortable knowing where their youth are staying.
  • My youth has allergies or special dietary needs.  Can accomodations be made?
    • Absolutely!  Safety is definitely a top priority.  With so many nut allergies, we make it a point to keep any snacks that have nuts on a separate table across the room from the snacks that do not have nuts.  We have also made accomodations for youth who only had specific things they could eat or youth with special medical needs.  
  • My youth has band/sport on Friday night, can they come late?
    • Yes! If youth have obligation that they cannot get out of, they are welcome to join the retreat that Friday evening or Saturday morning.  Contact Gwen about these circumstances.
  • What is the purpose of the retreat?
    • The retreat will focus on connecting with Jesus through prayer and building community a.k.a. HAVING FUN!
    • Each session will focus on a different aspect of encountering God and how each of us is uniquely created to be in relationship with Him and are called to live out from our true identity and share His love with others.  This will be done through games, prayer, talks, videos, praise and worship, adoration, and confession.
  • Why should I encourage my youth to attend?
    • This retreat will transform hearts, forge Catholic bonds, and build friendships that will make the youth excited about their faith and they will be empowered to engage with our living personal God.  Youth will return with a deeper relationship with God and a motivation to live out their purpose in light of God’s plan.  In short, the youth will be transformed both as individuals and as Christians and they will have a blast!


Contact Gwen Bartlett, Triumph Youth Ministry Coordinator.