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Punching and Pouring!

We have begun meeting with the contractor every week.  This is a sign that things are moving full speed ahead!  Every week Chasco (our awesome contractor), Jackson Galloway (our awesome architect), and Saint William meet to discuss what has happened in the past week and what is happening and will be happening in the next week.  It's a great process and relies heavily on good communication.  

This week we heard that the drilling of the piers is complete.  Gisbson Concrete (parishioner owned business) brought out a full crew to dig the piers.  Punching holes for the piers and pouring the concrete to fill the holes.  This process started Monday and was already completed by Wednesday.  This made everyone very happy.  

The next digging that is taking place is the pit for the elevator.  If you're sitting in the parish offices you can hear the jack hammer going in the background.  

Coming up, the crew will be getting started on the plumbing rough.  This is where the plumbing, sewer, etc. will all be laid out.  This process should last about 3 weeks.  

While all of this is happening on site, there is a lot of movement going on behind the scenes. Steel is being ordered for the frame of the building.  The architects are working on design boards, among many other things. Saint William is overseeing the progress, but also working hard at keeping the parish in the loop, engaging new parishioners in the fundraising process, and praying.  There is a lot of praying going on!  There are also sub-committee meetings happening such as the one for Audio Visual needs this past week and next week we're trying to finalize the Kitchen equipment needs and bid.  Phew!!

Saint William, pray for us!