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'Go and make disciples of all nations.' (Matthew 28:19). Jesus is calling you to be a disciple with a mission! Today, in the light of the word of God...what is the Lord saying to us? Three simple ideas: Go, do not be afraid, and serve. - Pope Francis, Holy Mass on the Occasion of the 28th World Youth Day, 2013


Pope Francis sets before us a call to serve.  Not just to serve, but to be a disciple with a mission!  Participation only requires the faithful to be courageous partners with the Church community.  In this way, most people find value in answering Jesus' call on discipleship and are willing to volunteer.

"After Mass one Sunday, I was intrigued by the Gospel message of Jesus washes the disciple's feet (John 13).  Later, I was inspired by the presider's homily on service and helping one another.  I felt a yearning to serve and signed up to volunteer in one of our ministries.  At first I was nervous about volunteering but as the ministry leaders assisted me with materials and work schedules, I learned a lot about my role as a volunteer.  But the one thing that I never expected to happen is the cherished friendships I made and a deeper knowledge about God and our Church." 


Top five reasons to join a ministry or organization at Saint William:

  1. Answer the call to service
  2. Activate your love for God and neighbor
  3. Encounter a relationship with Christ 
  4. Expand your knowledge about Church
  5. Advance your faith experience 

If you are looking to serve or participate at our parish, please contact Tommy Sustaita, Volunteer Coordinator at or 512-255-4473 ext. 8190.