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Early Childhood Development Center Teacher

Early Childhood Development Center

Teacher Job Description


Purpose: To provide a warm, nurturing, safe and loving environment where self-concepts are enhanced, independence is encouraged and individuality is respected.


Key Responsibilities:


·         To offer a program that meets the emotional, physical, intellectual, social and spiritual needs of both the individual and the group in accordance with the policies and philosophies of the Center.

·         To interact with the children and encourage involvement in learning activities.

·         To prepare a warm, safe, orderly, clean and appealing environment in which children can grow and explore and learn.

·         To plan daily lessons.  Submit weekly plans to assistant director or curriculum coordinator.

·         Incorporate music and movement daily.

·         To establish and maintain good communications with parents through conferences once a year and as needed.

·         To observe, record and report significant individual and group behavior.

·         To use appropriate, consistent and positive discipline

·         Care for the property.  Report necessary repairs.

·         Write a classroom newsletter monthly.

·         Keep toys and equipment clean and in good condition.  Toys/equipment in the classrooms need to be sterilized with chlorine bleach/water mixture on daily basis.

·         Maintain a clean, neat and organized classroom, including cabinets, closets and storage areas.

·         Assist aide in cleaning up the classroom, vacuuming carpet, taking out trash and wiping tables clean.

·         Teachers must not leave until all of the children in the classroom have been picked up.

·         Teachers must arrive by 9:00am and may not leave before 2:00pm unless the Director or Assistant Director are notified, and in case of emergency.

·         Teachers must come prepared and ready each day.

·         Teachers are responsible for calling a substitute as needed and notify the Director or Assistant Director when they will be absent.

·         Teachers must call the parent if a child has been absent for a week.

·         Teachers must sign in and out daily and calculate totals for the week.

·         Teachers must give out home phone numbers and email address for parent communication.

·         Teachers must be available occasionally on Monday – Friday for Teacher Work Days and Training.

·         Attend all monthly staff meetings.

·         Attend all Teacher Work Days and Trainings throughout the year.

·         Teachers are responsible for getting information missed at a meeting from another staff member if they cannot attend the meeting.

·         Attend required training hours per year. (24 hours training for Teachers and Aids).

·         Acquire CPR/First Aid Certification

·         Receive Ethics and Integrity/Protecting God’s Children certificate through workshops offered in the Diocese of Austin.

·         Abide by the Staff Handbook at all times.



Reporting Relationships:

·         Reports to the Director on any matters regarding staff, children and parents.




·         Teaching degree and teaching experience preferred. 

·         Must be at least 18 years of age.

·         Ability to relate to children joyfully and sensitively.

·         Evidence of emotional maturity and stability.

·         Evidence of sufficient security and judgments to handle crisis.

·         Ability to recognize/record significant individual/group behavior.

·         Understands Developmentally Appropriate Practices for the age of children in care.

·         Must pass a criminal history background check.

·         Shows insight into child and adult behavior.

·         Communicates effectively and clearly with parents, staff and administrators, in both verbal and written form.

·         Demonstrates sound judgment when planning for children’s safety and health.

·         Presents a good model to children of language use, both verbal and written.

·         Responds to and interacts with children in their play environments and at the child’s eye level.

·         Helps children with toileting and diapering needs.  May involve lifting children up to 40 pounds.

·         Utilizes time and is well organized.

·         Accept and respect difference in children and parents.

·         Exhibits flexibility and sense of humor.

·         Understands and shows respect for confidentiality of children, parents and staff.




For more information, please contact the Early Childhood Development Office at

512-600-8201 or