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Pastoral Council


News & Events
  • Pastoral Council Discernment—In May/ June of Every Year
    Are you interested in participating in the Pastoral Council?
  • Discernment for New Pastoral Council Members—June 11, 2016
    The The discernment for new Pastoral Council members will be held on June 11 from 9 a.m. - Noon in the Education Center Room Room 14/16.  All are invited.

    Discernimiento para miembros nuevos del Concilio Pastoral—11 de junio

    El discernimiento de para nuevos miembros del Concilio Pastoral se llevará a cabo el 11 de junio de 9 a.m. a medio-dia en el Centro Educativo - Salon 14-16. Todos están invitados.
  • All parishioners, discerning or not, who would like to prayerfully join and support the Pastoral Council Discernment process are invited to attend the upcoming meeting.  The Discernment Meeting happens in May or June of every year. The Pastoral Council is a lay group of 12 representatives of Saint William who serve as a sounding board for our priests. The council also acts as a conduit between our priests and our parishioners.  The council meets on the first Saturday of every month. For more information or details, please contact Joshua Morris at 512-963-2824 or email
Mission & Vision

Mission: Saint William’s Pastoral Council is a body of Wisdom seeking to lead our parish into a better future.
Vision: Saint William’s Pastoral council envisions a parish that

  • Draws  people to Christ,
  • Roots them in the parish,
  • Provides opportunities for conversion and,
  • Sends them into the world as active disciples. 
What is the Pastoral Council?

The Pastoral Council is a representative body of the faithful whose focus is on the whole community – its beliefs, its hopes, its joys, its needs, its sorrows, its concerns, its gifts and its pursuit of the mission of the Church. The Pastoral Council’s task is to give counsel and seek consultation. Members are called to consider pastoral issues for the good and for the future. Their role is to understand, to reflect carefully and to seek consensus. Pastoral Council members are chosen annually through a discernment process to which the whole parish is invited.Members serve staggered three year terms and attend monthly meetings.

How can we help you? 

Contact a Pastoral Council member if you know of an area in the parish that needs attention. We will bring up your questions and concerns at our monthly meeting with the pastor. We will also look for ways to address the issues without straining Saint William’s limited resources.

Do you hear a call to serve? 

Catholics in good standing, who are registered in Saint William’s parish are eligible to join during the discernment process which is held annually in the May/June timeframe.  To learn more about the Pastoral Council, we recommend you contact one of the current members listed below. We also extend a special invitation to ALL parish members, including those not discerning membership, to attend the discernment to provide prayerful support.

Contact the Pastoral Council



Mandy Crawford
Year on Pastoral Council: 1st

Ellie Andrew
Year on Pastoral Council: 2nd

Ken Planchard
Year on Pastoral Council: 2nd

Jack Leach
Year on Pastoral Council: 2nd

Peter Miranda
Year on Pastoral Council: 2nd

Mark Adams
Year on Pastoral Council: 2nd

Daniel Douriet
Year on Pastoral Council: 1st
Henry Ebem
Year on Pastoral Council: 1st

Laura Gonzales  
Year on Pastoral Council: 1st


Al Escoto  
Year on Pastoral Council: 1st


Rowena Parks
Year on Pastoral Council:1st



More Information

For more information, contact Joshua Morris at 512-963-2824.

For more opportunities for you to share your time, talent and treasure within our parish, visit the ministries page or click on the links listed in the menu at left.

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