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Triumph Core Team


Hello Core Team!

Attached are the files you can use as resources to plan your sessions.

Visiting is a great way to find game ideas, espeically if you scroll to the bottom and input specifications you have about the game (group size, supplies, prep time, etc.).

You will find the Lifeteen/Edge resource page and Download Youth Ministry page.  For both of these it is easiest to visit their websites to search the topics that you're looking for, then download the item using our username/password (for Lifeteen) or check the resource page to see if we already own the item (for and e-mail Gwen if we don't already own it.

You will also find an outline of a blank example of a Triumph session.  Please utilize that format when creating the schedule and e-mailing it to Gwen.



For those who were unable to make the day long retreat, there are attached files for the remainder of the training that you missed including important documents.  Please be sure to listen to the audio and read the corresponding documents to ensure you're more fully prepared to minister.

The documents should be covered in numerical order.

0 Read Me First

Small Group Training:

  • 1 Small Group Training audio may be found here
  • 1 Small Group Leader Training

Testimony Training:

  • 2 Testimony Training audio may be found here
  • 2 How to write a Testimony

Core Team Logistics:

  • 3 Audio may be found here
  • 3 Amplify Adult Release Form
  • 3 CT Stuff
  • 3 Theme & 6 Points of Contact
  • 3 Triumph Mission
  • 3 Triumph Topics 2015-2016


  • 4 Spirituality Talk by Fr. Francisco can be found here
  • 4 Healing the Whole Person Retreat Flyer